STARS offers time, hope and life-saving transport to critically ill and injured patients.

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Crew Story

Shell Ryan, flight nurse


The holidays are supposed to be a special and joyous time. Unfortunately, there are days and moments that tragedy strikes and it’s suddenly heartbreaking for some families.

It’s a very busy season for everyone – including us at STARS. Sadly, there is no shortage of incidents at this time of year, but I receive a lot of comfort from knowing that I can hopefully be there for families who need us.

Whether someone’s experiencing a medical emergency, has been involved in a motor vehicle incident on icy roads, or is just too far away from critical care, it’s your support that enables us to be there for those patients on the worst day of their life.

The tools we use on every mission are critical to our patients and would not be possible without our community of STARS allies like you. When you give, you stand alongside us and support the mission. As an ally you support the patient and you help provide tools and talent.

My partner, Tom, is a STARS pilot, so he has the same passion for the mission as I do. He knows that life doesn’t stop just because there’s a holiday. He knows that the community still depends on us during those times.

This is more than a mission; it’s a way of life. It’s about being there for people who are having the worst day and hoping to provide them with a little bit of comfort and a lot of critical care.

When you give to STARS, you ride alongside me on my next mission.

Together, we are all STARS.

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